Sewing & Jewery Chests

Sewing & Jewery Chests

At Chidori Vintage we carry a wide range of Tansu and Haribako chests.  Tansu are traditional furniture with ornate metal word adorning the hinges and handles.  These chests were often made to order based on the taste of the buyer.  They come in many styles such as lacquered wood with Makie and abalone shells. 

The smaller version of these boxes are known as Haribako, and are used for storing small items for sewing or jewelry and other trinkits.  These boxes have similar styles to their larger cousins, tansu.  They are often made with intricate decor, such as lacuqer, makie, abalone shell, and very beautiful bronze metal work.  Each piece is a work of art on its own, and very useful.  There are many styles such as kamakura bori.  Kamakura Bori has a red finish that looks like a shell or a turtle.  It is on of the most sought after styles. 

Pick up one of our beautiful Tansu or Haribako today at Chidori Vintage, and enjoy for many years to come. 

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