Calligraphy Tools

Calligraphy Tools

In this modern era of Internet messaging and email messaging, the Japanese still prefer handwritten messages and Calligraphy is still taught today. Japanese Shuji or Calligraphy means beautiful writing. The Japanese language originated from Chinese but the Japanese have adopted the meaning to fit the needs of daily life in Japan. The beauty and art of the Japanese language are expressed in their beautiful depictions of kanji written in Calligraphy.

Chidori Vintage always stocks the finest Japanese Shuji items for you to enjoy. We have the most high-quality Japanese calligraphy items including Inkstones, water droppers, brushes, and other calligraphy sets. Our Japanese Calligraphy items are always authentic and of the highest quality. Moreover, they are highly affordable as well. These calligraphy items can be a great way to practice the beautiful art of Shuji. They also make great gifts.

Shop now from our online store and get closer to the history and vibrant culture of Japan.

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