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Japanese Sake Bottle (Tokkuri) for Japanese Restaurant Interior Design

Interior design with Japanese antique Tokkuri sake bottles.

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Apple TV+ Series Props Proudly Supplied by Chidori Vintage

4 years ago we were lucky enough to get the contract to supply all the movie props for the Apple TV+ series Pachinko.  This was a multi month contract where we...

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What are those sake barrels you see in Shinto Shrines in Japan?

Sake, the traditional Japanese rice wine, holds a significant place in Japanese culture, being associated with rituals, celebrations, and religious ceremonies. In Japanese shrines, sake barrels play a prominent role,...

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Interview with Dan from Chidori Vintage about the history of Japanese pottery.

Interview with Dan from Chidori Vintage Japanese Collectables Q: Hey Dan, can you give us a quick rundown on the history of Japanese pottery? Dan: Yeah, sure! Japanese pottery, or...

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What are Kashigata cake molds?

Japanese wooden Kashigata cake molds are used to make Japanese sweets called Higashi.  They come in many unique shapes such as animals, flowers, etc.  They are unique pieces of art...

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Buying a new Butsudan for a customer overseas!!

We get all kinds of requests at Chidori Vintage.  Recently a customer asked us to source them a new Butsudan.  A Butsudan is a Buddhist Altar.  He belongs to the Jodo...

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