Chidori Vintage specializes in sourcing and finding Japanese Antiques and Collectables for resale to our growing customer base around the world.  We focus on Japanese Pottery, Tea Ceremony Items, Lacquerware, Buddhist and Shinto items, Katagami and so much more.  We are located in Nagoya, Japan.  Centrally located, Nagoya is the perfect location with its easy access to many areas known for traditional Japanese Antiques.  If you have any special requests feel free to contact us.  We often are able to source hard to find items and can do large orders upon request.  We also can work with you to reduce shipping costs on large orders.  We also have a store on Red Bubble where we sell products with our Katagami Designs.    


Our Story

Chidori Vintage came from our passion and love of the beauty of Japanese Antiques. Originally started Chidori Vintage in 2011 by the husband and wife team (Dan and Japanese wife Maiko). With over 17 years living locally in Japan as well as with my wife being born here, we have a vast knowledge of Japanese antiques, vintage items and collectables.  Using our local, on the ground connections we are able to find some of the most unique items in the country.

Now we ship items across the world to our customers and take great pride and pleasure in knowing that we can share these exquisite antiques to you from Japan. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact us.

Japanese Antique Dealer Registration Number

DITTMAR DANIEL LEE 愛知県公安委員会 第542651301400号

We are official registered with the Japanese Government as an Antique Dealer.


Our Collections


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