Buddhist & Shinto Items

Buddhist & Shinto Items

Japanese Buddhist Items

If you are looking for Buddhist items for your meditation room then you must visit our online store. We have a wide variety of vintage and traditional Japanese Buddhist items so you could start your day by clearing your mind and to stay calm.

Meditation has always been a daily part of life for Japanese. Build your meditation room or decorate your Buddhist altar with these high quality Japanese Buddhist items from our online store. We have a wide collection of Buddhist items including Buddhist statues, Buddhist bells, Buddhist candle stands, and much more to fill up your meditation room.

These beautifully crafted Buddhist statues and other items are a great choice for you to decorate your home or to give your home or office a traditional look.

Shop now from our online store at affordable prices and give a unique and beautiful feel to your home or your meditation room.

Japanese Butsudan Items

Butsudan or Buddhist altar is a Japanese holy shrine in the form of a cabinet or a cupboard that can be small or large as a wardrobe. Butsudan is usually kept in a tatami room and is the place where Japanese come to meditate or pray to their ancestors.

At Chidori Vintage we have a variety of Japanese Buddhist altar items that can be used for worshipping or praying. We have a large number of products like incense burners, altar fitting stands for rice cup, altar rin bells, altar flower stands, candle snuffers, rin bell stands, offering stands and many more.

These products are all antique or vintage and sourced directly from Japan. Our Buddhist altar items are all top quality items made of wood, brass, and bronze. We have both vintage and antique items of varying levels giving you a selection to suit your needs. With years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers, you can trust that all our Japanese Buddhist altar items are authentic and high quality.

Shop now from our online store and try it for yourself.

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