Japanese Sake Bottle (Tokkuri) for Japanese Restaurant Interior Design

Japanese Sake Bottle (Tokkuri) for Japanese Restaurant Interior Design

We have been very busy at Chidori Vintage recently.  Last fall we finished a big job buying original period items for the hit Apple TV show Pachinko.  We did season one and two over a 4 years period.  Recently we have been getting a lot of orders for Japanese restaurants around the world.  They have been buying various items to decorate their restaurant spaces to give an authentic Japanese ambiance.  

We just completed a large order for a restaurant in Morocco.  They ordered 60 Japanese Tokkuri  sake bottles to decorate their dining room space.  Our customer had very specific size and style requirements which made this order a bit of a challenge but we pulled it off and I am happy to say that all 60 sake bottles have arrived via FedEx and are presently in their new home.  

If you are starting or remodeling a Japanese themed restaurant or space and you are looking for Japanese antique and vintage items to decorate the interior or exterior, please contact us at Chidori Vintage.  We would love to help you. Some ideas for interior design of Japanese restaurants in particular are Japanese Tokkuri sake bottles, Japanese Wagasa umbrellas, Japanese Chochin paper lanterns, Japanese specialty cookware and dishes, Japanese artwork, Japanese Tansu chests, and so much more.  Contact us at info@chidorivintage.com.  






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