Buying a new Butsudan for a customer overseas!!

Buying a new Butsudan for a customer overseas!!

We get all kinds of requests at Chidori Vintage.  Recently a customer asked us to source them a new Butsudan.  A Butsudan is a Buddhist Altar.  He belongs to the Jodo Shu sect of Buddhism.  Apparently these kind of altars are hard to find in the USA.  

First, I started by visiting a few Butsudan shops in Nagoya.  I was really surprised how expensive these pieces are.  Here is one that was over 5000 dollars.  The most expensive one I saw was about 50 grand!!!  Shipping on a piece like this in the picture on the right would be about 2000 dollars so we decided to go for something much smaller.  We settled on a piece that was about 85 cm (pictured below)

Jodo Shu Buddhist Altar from Japan

The smaller piece we finally decided on is a really nice piece made of Keyaki wood from Japan.  Keyaki is a highly sought after wood that will last a lifetime.  If you would like any help sourcing a Butsudan from Japan, please feel free to contact me at or whatsapp 819060736973.   I would be happy to help you out.  

We also have a selection of used Buddhist Altars at our store at much more affordable prices.  

Japanese small Buddhist Altar from Japan


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