Rare Items

Rare Items

Every once in a while we find some absolutely rare and unique items here in Japan.  These treasures are what really makes antique hunting fun and exciting. One item that we have found recently was a Japanese Shinto shrine bell from a local shrine. We had developed a relationship with the shrine because we let them use our bathroom for their festivals every year.  As a token of appreciation they gave us their bell when they replaced it with a new one. Another item that we found was a book of Ukiyoe paintings that were made to commemorate the Emperor coming to a hotel in Gamagori, Japan. These were all original prints, one of a kind, and were in excellent condition.  In addition to these unique items, we regularly find beautiful one of a kind wooden carvings from Butsudan Buddhist Altars and Ranma from old houses. Each of these are gorgeous works of art that we are so happy to provide you access to. 

Check this section of Chidori Vintage often because when these wonderful Japanese Antiques arrive, they do not stay for long.

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