Green Tea Bowls (Matcha Chawan)

Matcha bowls or green tea bowls are used in Japanese tea ceremony.  They are made for this purpose. Matcha has been the tradition in Japan since 15th century and these green tea bowls also known as Matcha Chawan have been used all over Japan since then. Chidori Vintage offers a range of Japanese tea bowls sourced from all over Japan.  We carry many styles such as, mino-yaki, shigaraki, Kizeto-Yaki, Oribe, Seto-yaki, Hagi-yaki and many more.  These green tea bowls are available in a variety of printed textures and colors. Each style uses a different clay which can enhance your experience and taste while drinking matcha.  Buy yours now from our online store at competitive prices and enjoy your green tea ceremony in style.

All Green Tea Bowls (Matcha Chawan)


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