Fans (Uchiwa & Sensu)

Fans (Uchiwa & Sensu)

The Japanese Folding Hand Fan, otherwise known as Sensu was said to have originated in the city of Nagoya from the 18th century.  The Nagoya based Folding Hand Fans differed slightly than their competitive counterparts coming out of Kyoto due to the number of ribs that the fan had in order to best accommodate the formal and conservitive   Nagoyan wearer. These fans became increasingly popular during the Taisho era (1912-1926). 

Upon close examination you can really see the quality and care that went into making each and every Japanese Sensu Hand Fan!  Even the stitching and glue work to keep the bamboo is exquisite. When buying these fans we are often making sure that there is minimal wear around the edges of the bamboo tips as well as any small tears in the material that makes up the fan.   As each of these Sensu Hand Fans are unique, there are different uses for them.

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