The Osu Antiques Market; A window into old Japan!!

The Osu Antiques Market; A window into old Japan!!

The Osu Antiques Market is the where I got started into the world of Japanese antiques.  Its a gathering twice a month of dealers that travel into Nagoya from all over Central Japan to deal in all things antique and vintage.  There is a broad range of dealers from the very high-end dealers who have some of the prime spots in the shade, to the low-end dealers that literally make no effort in presentation and just lay a bunch of junk out on a blue tarp.  You can find all kind of things such as beatiful pottery and lacquerware, WW2 military items, Buddhist and Shinto items, and so much more.  

The rules here are simple, there are no rules.  Haggling is king and the key is to talk to the dealers and figure out which ones offer reasonable prices.  Most of the dealers do speak a bit of English as many of the customers are travelers.  So do not be afraid to ask simple questions like price, age, or what something is.  Some of the dealers are quite stubborn with their prices, so if you come across this type, just move on.  You usually can get a really good deal buying multiple items from the same dealer.  If you offer to buy multiple items the discount can be substantial.  

The best time to get here is early morning for the best selection and late afternoon for the best prices.  Also if you happen to catch a rainy day, get there early because there will be few people and the deals will be abundant.  Also, many of the dealers pack up early if the crowds are very thin.  

The Osu Antiques Fair has been a great place for me to mingle with dealers that I know from the area and to make connections with them.  We are often battling it out at auctions so it's really good to buy from them once in a while as well.  This helps to build a bit of comradery.  I have gotten some really good deals here.  Here is a really nice shishi mask that I picked up in Osu.  This mask was used in a local festival and had a really nice signed wooden box.  

The Osu Antiques Market is held on the 18th and the 28th of each month.  If you are in the Nagoya Area, I highly recommend that you check it out.  If you need some help buying, drop me an email ( and I can arrange to help you out.  


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