Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

There is no other part of Japanese culture which better reflects the nature of the Japanese like Japanese Tea Ceremony. Japanese Tea Ceremony items combine the beauty of highly crafted pottery and lacquerware with the rich attention to detail and ritual of the Tea Ceremony.

Chidori Vintage carries a wide range of Tea Ceremony items for you to begin your journey into the wide world of Japanese Tea Ceremony. We have Green Tea Bowls (Chawan), Tea Caddy (Natsume), Bamboo Whisks (Chasen), Tea Scoops (Chashaku), Water Jugs (Mizusahi), and many more.

If you are looking to start practicing Tea Ceremony, we have complete Tea Ceremony Sets (Chabako) for you. We have a wide range of Japanese tea Ceremony items at great prices and quality. Please check out our store to see for yourself.

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