Japanese Kashigata Cake Molds

Japanese Kashigata Cake Molds

Japanese Kashigata Wooden Cake Molds

If you ever walk around a Japanese food market, you might see little cakes made of rice flour and sugar called Higashi which is shaped into various objects. These cakes are handmade from wooden molds made out of cherry wood. Each block is meticulously hand-carved to make shapes significant in Japanese culture. Some of the most common shapes are fish, flowers, Turtles, Birds, and many others. Each symbol represents a different meaning in Japanese culture. They make different cakes to celebrate different events throughout the year or to symbolize longevity or success in life.

The tradition of carving kashigata is over 300 years old and is usually used for events such as tea ceremonies, weddings, shrine offerings, and other special events. The special thing about these is they are handmade for a special event, and each set of cakes is unique and usually only used for a short time. This makes each cake and therefore each Kashigata very special. It represents a special event in people's lives and the skill and creativity of the craftsman who made it.

Kashigata are great to use for making cakes at home. They also make unique wall decorations to accent any space. Many of our customers collect many of the unique designs.

Recently these handmade works of art are becoming increasingly hard to find as modern production techniques replace traditional ones.  Check out our large collection of Kashigata on Chidori Vintage.   



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