Authentic Japanese Shinto Shrine Bell from Nagoya, Japan

Authentic Japanese Shinto Shrine Bell from Nagoya, Japan

Today we acquired a beautiful Shinto shrine bell from a local shrine in Nakamura area in Central Nagoya.  I have to be a little careful to provide the details of the shrine publicly because the monks at the shrine were a little worried about me advertising about the exact shrine.  I can tell you a little history about the shrine.  I can tell the buyer more details privately.  I just don't want to publicly say the name of the shrine for all to see.

This shrine was founded in 1156 to honor Ojintenno.  He was also known as Emperor Ojin.  He was the 15th Emperor of Japan.  One of the main contributor's to the founding of the shrine was Minamoto no Tametomo.  Tametomo was a samurai warrior who is most famous for fighting in the Hogen Rebellion in 1156.  After the battle, his left arm was badly damaged limiting the use of his bow.  This caused him to be banished to the Izu islands where he is said to be the first samurai to commit ritual suicide in the chronicles.  Here is the only image I can find of him depicted in a famous Ukiyoe.


This is a really cool bell.  I was not able to find the exact age of the bell but from my experience, these kinds of things last about 100 years before they are replaced.  If you have any questions about the bell or want to know the exact shrine name, e mal me at  



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