katagami Square 90cmx45cm
C250 Japanese Katagami Hand-cut Kimono Pattern Stencil Meiji Katazome Square - chidorivintage.com
C250 Japanese Katagami Hand-cut Kimono Pattern Stencil Meiji Katazome Square - chidorivintage.com

Antique Japanese Meiji Era Katagami Kimono Stencil Paper Katazome Square C250

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Japanese Antique Katagami Kimono Stencil Katazome

Details It's a one of a kind original Japanese mid or late Meiji period 1890 stencil pattern “Katagami" for dying textiles “Katazome”.This katagami has a unique style of two square shaped with some flower design on it. This katagami has its unique square, diamond and feather-like design on it. Japanese paper stencils were used in a process of resist-dying textiles.  These stencils are made of two or more layers of handmade mulberry paper (kozo) laminated together and waterproofed with persimmon tannin. Smoke curing gives the paper additional stiffness and turns it into a rich brown.  Some of them are reinforced with a network of silk threads sandwiched between the layers of paper.  The newer Katagami have the silk on one side of the paper.  The stencils embody Japanese design features such as a preference for asymmetry, a flattened pictorial space, the stylization of natural forms, the positive and negative treatment of the same element, the combination of abstract and naturalistic elements, the illusion of depth created by overlapping planes, and the use of pattern or texture to fill silhouettes.  

Material: Mulberry Paper  

Age: 1850-1899

Condition: Good condition. Please see the photos carefully. Wear and tear due to the age. Please bid with confidence.

Silk or No silk: Silk outside of the paper

Dimensions: Approx. 90cmx45cm 

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