Iron kettle, Iron sand, Round shape, Nanbu arare, Medium, 1.4L - Kousei Oikawa,
Iron kettle, Iron sand, Round shape, Nanbu arare, Medium, 1.4L - Kousei Oikawa,

Iron kettle, Iron sand, Round shape, Nanbu arare, Medium, 1.4L - Kousei Oikawa,

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Iron kettle, Iron sand, Round shape, Nambu arare, 1.4L

  • Work by Kousei Oikawa
  • Round shape, Nambu arare pattern
  • Size: Φ195×H230(mm)
  • Item weight: Approx. 2kg
  • Capacity: 1.4L
  • Color: Black background
  • Material: Iron sand
  • Condition: New
  • The iron kettle reduces the chlorine smell of tap water and makes the water mellow making tea and coffee more delicious. It is perfect for tea time to relax at home.
  • No special maintenance is required, but since it is made of iron, it may rust. To prevent rusting, please empty the kettle as soon as possible after boiling water and transfer the water to a pot, and leave the lid open. Even if rust occurs, as long as the water does not turn into red, you can use it without any problem.


Japanese traditional craft: Nambu ironware

Nambu ironware originated in the mid-17th century in Morioka, a place that is suited to ironworking due to its abundant iron and clay resources. It began when the lord of the Nambu Domain (now Iwate Prefecture) invited metal casters from Kyoto to make tea pots. Thereafter, the artisans created various cast iron items, but it was during the Edo period (1603-1868) when the iconic "tetsubin" or small iron kettle was born, and its use soon spread to the common folk.

It is said that hot water boiled in a Nambu iron kettle has a more mellow taste, and makes tea or coffee more delicious. Nambu iron kettles are also highly durable and can be used for a lifetime.

Though they have slightly different histories, ironware from both Morioka and Oshu are today collectively referred to as Nambu ironware. Besides the popular iron kettles, you can also find cooking pots and pans, accessories, wind chimes, and various ornaments.

Nambu ironware was designated as a Traditional Craft of Japan in 1975.


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